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Disability Rehab Center (DRC) provides a comprehensive treatment program based on the referring physician's rehabilitation prescription. We care for our patient's entire well-being by providing a variety of treatment disciplines.

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My husband has suffered from a seizure disorder for 55 years due to an auto accident. Various medications have been added over the years to control the seizures. Last December he was hospitalized for side effects from the medications. He could not walk, talk, or take care of anything himself. His medications were changed, some eliminated and some added. He began EEG Neurofeedback Therapy and Physical Therapy from Galina Architector at Disability Rehabilitation Center in April 2015. He has had no seizures since May. He is walking, talking,exercising and he is happy. The change has been a miracle.
- Tracy & Gary S.
August 27, 2015


Galina has introduced us to Neurofeedback which was my last resort to avoid medicating our 10 year old ADHD/ODD child. Her teachers and us have battled through 5 years of school and every year the school has pressured us to put her on medication. She was not able to function independently and such a simple task as homework usually took us 3 to 5 hours. After a month of treatment with Galina, I haven't had the need to sit with her while she is doing her homework or worry about any further complaints from school. Disability Rehabilitation Center has been a blessing for our family and our little girl has finally gained the necessary skills to succeed in school and in life WITHOUT MEDICATION. Thank you Galina!
- Yulia Z


I came to Galina in 2009, at the Disability Rehabilitation Center in West Hills, CA, after I was severely struck with Bell's palsy. My face was disfigured as I walked in the door and barely could even do that because the neurological attack began to impair my mobility as well. To this day when I recall that day in May, I can remember the feeling of lost, pain and fear: It was the finally of my travel trips, schooling or even the daily fun of being young (24 years old).

With Galina's medical training, knowledge and positive wisdom, she restored my face within in month. My ohh my, I loved my new and improved smile of thankfulness and joy. The next task was to concentrate on rebuilding my walking abilities. Every other day was considered the start of the best days of my life. With an optimistic outlook and positive empowerment from Galina, I quickly regained my walking within 2 weeks and left for a family trip to Europe. It was then time to begin enjoying and celebrating health and love.  

Galina was by far an angel that came into my family's life at a time when we lost hope of recovery to a normal life. I highly recommend to anyone seeking medical treatment and/or direction to take the next step toward a new and outstanding life.  

Thank you Galina for saving my life.
- Gold E.


Relief from pain from the FIRST visit.  Leg pain for months that got progressively worse was relieved during the very first visit.  My MD recommended I see a surgeon - thank goodness I came here first!
- Cindy


I had a meniscus surgery on my left knee and was told that 4-6 weeks and I would be able to resume all my activities. Well, 6 months later and my knee was still swallen, I was in terrible pain, very depressed with the surgery outcome, had hard time walking, escpecilaly climbing stair.. I came to Disability Rehabilitation Center 3 weeks ago, and what a difference!. The swelling is down, I can walk much better already., Galina does have a magic touch!. Very carying person with positive attitute and good suggestions on how to walk, sit and sleep correctly to minimize the pain. I think she is the best theraphyst and believe my knee problem will be gone soon.
- Fruma A.


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Lower Back Pain

I am writing this recommendation in order to facilitate hope for those who deal with chronic acute back pain. For my 50th birthday in July 2010, I went skydiving. The trauma of that even left me with a 6mm protrusion from a ruptured L4/L5 disk. The rupture was on the left side and impinged directly on my Sciatic nerve. The disabling pain from this event was not immediate but increased continuously over a two month period. Attempted methods to alleviate the pain included deep tissue massage, acupuncture, laser, ultrasound, chiropractic realignment and lots of pain medication. The episode lasted over 10 months and can best be described as having no quality of life, being numbed by medications, being unable to stand or walk for any extended amount of time, and living in 24hour per day pain.

In January 2012, I reinjured my back. Following 5 months of averaging 3 hours sleep a night, heavy medication (including 1000 mg Vicodan, 350mg Soma, Cymbalta and anti-inflammatories) every 4 hours, and three spinal epidurals, I decided to try a holistic approach and shelved all the medications. I began treatment with Galina at the Disability Rehabilitation Center on the 30th of May 2012. In two short sessions, I have been given several treatments to address soft tissue inflammation, and re-training in body mechanics. The results were immediate. I can now SLEEP!!! WALK!!! STAND!!! without pain or fatigue.

In summary, what I want to convey is that chronic acute back pain steals your life. Day after day, week after week and month after month of no sleep, no mobility, frustration, and acute pain around the clock eats away at hope of any recovery. The worst part being that the prospect of having an operation to make it all better becomes viable, regardless of the poor success rates.

I am writing to say that there is hope. There are methods and techniques to give you back your life and Galina knows them. Thank you Galina!!!

Bill is interested in organizing support group for patients with disk protrusions. If you are interested please email him at billgia@aol.com.
- Bill, Structural Engineer – Composite Forensics